Yon founisè solisyon achitekti CG ak konfyans ak onè

The initial concept of the loop village comes from curiosity and cherishment of the natural environment. In the formulation of development goals, the loop village has always adhered to the two core principles of using design and planning to balance constructive destruction during the construction period and using technological advantages to create a more sustainable resort operation system during the operation period. located in the bamboo forest valley of Miaoshan Village, Miaoxi Town, Wuxing District. The construction area is about 2,000 square meters, mainly composed of earth-covered buildings, combined with the slope valley landscape to form a small resort with an area of 35 acres and 13 super large suites. The outdoor lifestyle embraced by the loop village project is not the outdoor extreme sport of survival in the wilderness. It is more inclined to be a relaxed weekend outdoor life, the starting point of the novice’s yearning for nature, or a kind of scene conversion needed by urban youth. Hiding the building underground can fundamentally restore the cover of surface vegetation. It can achieve a consistent or even better plant environment before and after construction. The biggest obstacle to earth-covered buildings is the erosion of groundwater. We have basically completed the waterproofing of the building itself through special cement formulations and underground overhead design, and achieved a comfortable indoor environment on the southern slope. The construction of the bottom support must have both high efficiency and energy saving and high maintainability. Each room is connected to the heat pump host in the underground machine room through a specially-made high-insulation underground pipeline, providing extremely quiet air-conditioning service for each room. The overall environment of the valley is very quiet, and usually the biggest energy consuming unit in the resort is the air conditioner.

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