Yon founisè solisyon achitekti CG ak konfyans ak onè

SWA Group + Guangdong Architectural Design and Research Institute Co., Ltd.  The design of Lihu New Town takes water as the soul, and all the spatial forms of the design are inspired by the flowing form of water. Through the design method of taking water as valley, water as vortex, and water as vein, the ecology, industry, Culture and landscape are integrated. Advantages: This design proposes three major visions to create a water town in the dream of leisure and livelihoods, build a green and healthy city, and promote the vigorous development of traditional and modern pharmaceutical industries. Among them, the axis park should provide the city with diversified opportunities and use the kinetic energy of the

SWA-Lihu New Town Konpetisyon

Non pwojè: konsepsyon jaden flè nan zòn debaz Lihu New Town

Kliyan: SWA Group + Guangdong Architectural Design ak rechèch Enstiti co, Ltd.

Kalite Pwojè: Peyizaj, Konpetisyon

Konsèp: Konsepsyon Lihu New Town pran dlo kòm nanm, epi tout fòm espasyal konsepsyon an enspire pa fòm dlo k ap koule tankou dlo.Atravè metòd konsepsyon pran dlo kòm fon, dlo kòm toubiyon, ak dlo kòm venn, ekoloji, endistri, Kilti ak jaden flè yo entegre.